Homemade Italian Style Pizza

Homemade Italian Style Pizza

Despite beliefs to the contrary, Italians did not invent pizza, but that honor belongs to an American. However, Italians certainly have improved pizza since the day that it was invented, and you will find that the Italian style of pizza is a simple one that is delightful and flavorful. Making your own homemade Italian pizza can be one of the best ways to enjoy the unique cuisine from Italy in the comfort of your own home.

The Italian pizza differs slightly from American pizza. The main difference is that the tomato sauce is much more acidic, the pizza crust is very thin, and there are few toppings used aside from tomatoes and green herbs. Making this style of pizza by following the recipe below can be a lot of fun, and you will find that making pizza has never been easier.

While this style of pizza may not be what you are used to, you will quickly find yourself growing to love Italian style pizza. The combination of the rich cheese with the tangy acidity of the tomato sauce and the salty crust has always been a popular mix, but the fresh tomatoes, basil, and oregano added as the toppings will be the perfect way to enjoy your pizza.

The Best Italian Pizza

Ingredients –

4 cups of white flour
1 ½ cups of warm water
1 ½ tablespoons of yeast
1 tablespoon of olive oil
5 large tomatoes
2 small tomatoes
1 pound of cheese
Salt and pepper, to taste


Combine the warm water and yeast in a bowl, and add the yeast mixture into a bowl with the flour and oil. Mix well with your hands until the dough forms into a ball, and knead for 15 minutes. Set the dough aside in a large bowl to rise for an hour and a half.

Chop the large tomatoes in half and place them in a saucepan to boil. Once the tomatoes are stewed, puree them in the blender and place the tomato sauce back in the saucepan. Cook for 30 minutes more, and add the spices at will.

Once the dough has risen properly, roll it out into thin pizza crusts. Place the crusts in the oven to cook for 5 minutes, or until stiff.

Spread a layer of the tomato sauce on the crusts, and add the grated cheese. Slice the small tomatoes into slices of medium thickness, and add them to the pizza. Sprinkle salt, pepper, oregano, basil, and thyme as desired, and place in the oven to cook for 20 minutes.

(Serves 4)

Italian Style Pizza

Photo Description:

As you can see, the recipe for the pizza is incredibly simple. It will be fairly time consuming to let the dough rise and the tomatoes to cook, but it will be well worth it just to get a slice of this delicious homemade Italian style pizza.


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