Classic Brick Oven Pizza Recipe

Classic Brick Oven Pizza Recipe

If you ask someone what their favorite type of pizza is, one of the choices that comes up again and again is a brick oven pizza recipe. It just has that great amount of char, with a crisp crust and all sorts of toppings that are simply delicious. However, it is a great mystery as to how to replicate this taste at home. It can be quite difficult to work that kind of high heat cooking into a conventional oven, but you can match the taste and style quite closely if you work at it.

This classic brick oven pizza recipe is not quite the same as what you would end up getting in a real brick oven, but that is more because your home oven is much more limited as to the amount of heat that you can get from it. However, with a pizza stone you can get the heat up pretty high, and generate that crispy crust that everyone loves.

The toppings that you use for this type of pizza tend to be more traditional Italian, especially when you want ingredients that are going to stand up to the super high heat that you’re going to end up using. Both meat and cheese selection needs to be carefully picked because of this.

Bringing an Artisan Taste to Brick Oven Pizza Recipes

Ingredients –

2 cups bread flour
1 package active yeast
1 cup warm water (test the water with your arm or fingers prior to using it)
1 tbs olive oil
1 tsp salt and sugar
2 cups marinara sauce
1 cup shredded cheese
Additional toppings to taste and preference


Flour your counter down with all-purpose flour. Pour all of the water in to the bowl and spread the yeast over the surface of the water. Do not touch the water or yeast. Allow it to sit still for 15 minutes.

Mix the salt and sugar in with the bread flour. Slowly pour the dry ingredients in to the water, mixing as you go. Stand mixers are useful for this application. Spread the olive oil in the mixture. Once all of the ingredients were mixed together for the dough, allow it to sit until it doubles in size. Once it has, move it to your working surface.

Roll the dough into a ball. Allow the ball to rise as well. Once it has risen a second time, it is ready to be made into a pizza. Preheat your oven as hot as it can go, placing a pizza stone on the bottom rack. Roll your dough out into a crust shape, as thin or thick, as you would like.

Spread the marinara sauce on first, covering most of the dough. Spread the cheese over the top of the pizza next. Now work your other toppings across the brick oven pizza recipe. Once you are satisfied with the topping coverage, put the pizza in the oven on top of the pizza stone. Allow it to bake for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the doneness of the pizza. Pull it out and serve after it has cooled.

Brick Oven Pizza Recipe

Photo Description:

Brick oven pizza recipes might sound like they are impossible to do at home, but it is a lot easier than you might think. Once you have gotten the crispy crust down, the rest of the toppings just come naturally. You can go with a classic pizza flavor or choose something more exotic, as long as it can submit to the high heat environment that you have to bake this delicious pizza in.


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