Improving Your Pizza with an Artisan Pizza Dough Recipe

Improving Your Pizza with an Artisan Pizza Dough Recipe

Pizza always brings your family and friends together, since you have so many toppings and flavors that you can tailor the pizza to anyone’s tastes. However, a good pizza starts with excellent dough. You want to use an artisan pizza dough recipe when you are looking to kick things up a notch, especially if you are planning to use some unconventional ingredients. You want the recipe to stand up to the unusual selections, especially if you are trying to impress someone.

You might assume that making an artisan pizza dough recipe is difficult. Like most pizza dough, however, this is a fairly simple process that you just need to practice a few times. Once you have it down pat, you will have no issues at all with making this particular type of dough. You have a good deal of flexibility with exactly when you create the dough, since you can make it ahead of time and store it for when you need it. This allows you to cut down on the preparation time when it comes to your party or get together.

Pizza is something that is a staple of many diets. You should not shy away from making it completely in your home. Even if you are used to buying the pre-purchased pizza crusts, it is going to take just one time of making it to sell you on the idea of this delicious pizza dough.

Basic Artisan Pizza Dough Recipe

Ingredients –

4 cups bread flour. If you do not have access to bread flour, use a similar high-gluten content flour
1 tsp instant yeast
1 ½ tsp of salt
¼ cup olive oil
1 ½ cups water
Additional flour to dust your working surface


Get a large bowl and mix the salt, yeast, and flour together with a whisk. Incorporate all of these dry ingredients completely together.

Slowly pour in both the water and olive oil, stirring as you do. Do not dump the wet ingredients in all at once, or it will affect the formation of the artisan pizza dough recipe. Continue adding the liquids until everything is mixed together thoroughly, and the flour is completely incorporated.

Stir the pizza dough for approximately six minutes, occasionally reversing directions. You can stir this dough with your hands, a metal utensil, or a dough hook in a mixer. If you are using a mixer, keep it on low speed or your dough will not work together properly.

Spread flour on to your working surface. Put the dough on to your counter. Cut the dough into five equal pieces and roll each individual piece in to a ball. Put the balls on a baking sheet that has wax or parchment paper on it. Cover the entire tray with an olive oil coated plastic wrap.

Place the tray in the fridge for eight hours. You can use this dough at any point after that, or pop it in the freezer to save for future pizzas.

Artisan Pizza Dough Recipe

Photo Description:

This pizza looks delicious enough, but what really makes it pop is the artisan pizza dough recipe used to form the crust. This old world style pizza dough really brings you back to the pure, simple joy of an excellent pizza made with the best ingredients available. This pizza dough shows just how much love has gone in to the creation of this food, made to be enjoyed by countless people. Whether you are going with classic flavors or crazy pizza fusion, the artisan pizza dough recipe will help you out.


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